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Sergey Jakovsky Cycling the length of UK for YMF 24/6/13

Give Him Your Support

On the 24th of June I'm going to cycle the length of UK, but planning to do a slightly alternative version of the popular Land's End to John O'Groats. Having done a bit of research I realised that those landmarks are not the polar extremities of the mainland. So I have decided to start my journey at Lizard Point in Cornwall and cycle all the way up to Dunnet Head Lighthouse in Scotland. I'll be starting on Monday 24th June, and will aim to get there in 2 weeks.

I'd like to ask you to contribute as much cash as you can spare towards my chosen charity, Yorkhill Muscle Fund. Within the last year I have had the pleasure to work on a number of projects and workshops with children with various types of disability. The energy, smiles and great attitude to life they show is fantastic and inspiring. To be able to offer improved mobility to kids with neuromuscular disorder will give them a better chance to explore this world and express themselves and give a whole new dimension to their lives. So dig deep and let's see how much we can raise here!

Thank you all. Will keep you posted with progress.