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Buttercup Ball Raises £150,000 for child patients

A CHARITY event, organised by women united by their experiences at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow, has surpassed even the most optimistic predictions to raise £150,000 in a single night.

Mothers and friends behind the Buttercup Ball, held at the Hilton hotel in Glasgow on Saturday night, had hoped to raise about £100,000 to help children with neuromuscular disorders.

However, the evening eclipsed expectations to raise enough for 40 specialised wheelchairs for patients.

The total, more than double the amount raised at a similar event four years ago, was bolstered by a £50,000 donation from Corum, the Glasgow based estate agents.

John Kelly, director of the company whose son was once treated at Yorkhill, decided with his founding partners to inject cash into the fund, in gratitude to hospital staff.

Eoghan Warner, who has a severe form of muscular dystrophy, and was the star of a film screened during the evening, also donated £2000.

Another donor matched the amount to buy another £4000 wheelchair.

Rosie Brawley, one of the Buttercup Ball committee whose son, Ben, also suffers from muscular dystrophy, said the event had made for an emotional evening.

She said: "It was absolutely immense. Our target was £100,000, and even then we thought that was quite high.

"When you think that there are 100 people now who are needing newwheelchairs, then 40 makes a huge difference."

The wheelchairs improve the quality of their and their families' lives."

Of the 600 guests, she said: "Everybody was just enthusiastic about supporting Yorkhill.

"People's generosity was really quite wonderful, and the girls (of the Buttercup group) have been so committed. I would just like to say thanks to them."


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