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How £4000 transformed Graeme's life

For Graeme Jackson, being at the same level as the person he is talking to is not something he talking to is not something he takes for granted.

The 17-year old, from Carluke, Lanarkshire, has muscular dystrophy, and his special electric wheelchair is his lifeline.

Graeme, a pupil at Ashcraig Schoool, was the first child to be given a chair by Rosie’s charity, the Yorkhill Muscle Fund.

It gets him safely from A to B and also allows him to adjust the height and position at the touch of button, giving him a level of mobility and comfort that would be impossible in a normal wheelchair.

“I have had my chair for just over a year and it has made a huge difference to my life,” he said.

“I can raise myself up and speak to people at eye level, instead of them always looking down on me, which is good.

“I can also enjoy meals in restaurants with family and friends. My last chair was hard to get under the table because I could not adjust the height.

“This chair gives me more independence, and means I can go out with friends and play wheelchair hockey. Also, this chair is blue, which is great because I am a Rangers' fan!”

Graeme&'s mother, Mary, is grateful to Rosie for giving her son the chance to be more independent.

“We can’t thank her enough,” she said. “We would never have been able to afford a chair like this for Graeme, the tyres alone cost £400.”


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