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Why We Are Needed

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A Day in the Life of Stephen

Stephen is 17 years old with a progressive neuromuscular disorder. His wheelchair is falling apart, taped and hanging together ... just. He is a handsome boy that is happy to talk, quite out going considering all that he's facing. His mum has passed away and his younger brother suffers from the same disorder. There's only his dad and goodness knows how he copes.

He stays in his chair all day until its bed time. He says it is not comfortable as it's falling apart and the seating system has no padding left in it. In today's society we are very particular about ensuring things are just so, but the children seem resigned to the fact that this is their lot.

Can you imagine having to constantly ask someone to do all the things we take for granted? Many of the youngsters are unable to change their position, comb their hair, scatch their leg or even give their mum a big hug. One parent describes placing her son's arms around her so he can hug her and she thinks of what it would be like if he could squeeze her in return.

Advanced power chairs give people affected by Neuromuscular Disorders the ability to independently change position, adjust their height to eye level enhancing communication and confidence, and promotes their dimensional perspective of life.

As children grow older, becoming wheelchair dependant affects their confidence with movement and many become fearful of being moved as they are not in control. The ability to adjust the position through which they view the world is a very positive feature of these advanced powered wheelchairs.

Why We Need Your Help

Advanced powered wheelchairs are expensive. The purchase of our powered chairs varies according to need and costs range from £4,000 to £18,000. These chairs are not available on the NHS. The cost includes bioengineering assessments and maintenance for the life of the chair so the families are not left bearing any costs.

Our success so far has enabled us to help many children, but unfortunately there are so many more that need our help. Please support us in any way you can.