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In just one year we have

  1. Purchased 10 advanced powered wheelchairs dramatically improving the quality of life for the children and their families. Many more are on the way.
  2. Facilitated a partnership forum between between Westmarc (West of Scotland Wheelchair Service) and Yorkhill. Our proactive approach has fostered new and improved lines of communication between departments improving service provision for the children.
  3. Created dedicated clinics for neuromuscular children to help move them through the system more effectively due to the progressive nature of the disorder.
  4. Through championing the rights of the West of Scotland's neuromuscular children, we have effectively raised their profile within the NHS, so much so that Westmarc has raised their wheelchair specification to provide tilt and space chairs as standard.
  5. Yorkhill Muscle Fund will up our wheelchair specification even further to continue pushing the boundaries of wheelchair provision
Enjoying some hockey at Ashcraig School Enjoying some hockey at Ashcraig School