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My son Ben was diagnosed at the age of four with a neuromuscular disorder called Muscular Dystrophy. It is a muscle wasting disorder where many children lose their ability to walk and often sadly die in their teens or early twenties. Fortunately Ben is still mobile and seems to have one of the slower progressing forms of the disorder; however we have met many families whose children aren't so lucky. It seems cruel that any childhood should be blighted by illness and when mobility, communication and mortality are affected it's a huge blow.

The fund started because wheelchair provision for this group of young people is severely under funded. The NHS Wheelchair Service for the West of Scotland (WESTMARC) is allocated £100 per year per child to provide an appropriate chair including all the clinicians and technical staff time, maintenance etc. You can imagine what can be purchased for that, and how you would feel if that was what your child had to rely on.

RosieYorkhill Muscle Fund is made up of Rosie Brawley, Marina Morrow Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Neuromuscular Disorders at Yorkhill, and Alison Wilcox ClinicalCo-ordinator, Scottish Muscle Network.